SMR Fifi d’Or

SMR Fifi d’Or Purebred Arabian mare BOD 1997. Tevis Cup winner 2005 and winner of many other 50 mile rides as well. Fifi has given many riders from all over the world a chance to ride the Tevis 100 Mile One Day Ride and well as many 50 mile rides too. Of all the great accomplishments she has one that stands out the most for me is when a 12 year old girl from Texas Ragan Kelly finished Tevis along with her Mother Tracy Kelly DVM. Fifi has produced several foals and is still active on the trails as well as producing foals. Fifi’d’Or is a granddaughter of Edens Cailana and Beztal both top winner in their own right. Fifi has finished Tevis 6 times.